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The Shar Pei Club of Great Britain will be rolling out its new Breeder of Merit scheme this year.  The scheme will be open to members of the club and will be a real and unequivocal bench mark of quality;

Run by Shar Pei people, for Shar Pei people.

All members who meet the criteria will be issued with a certificate, promoted in club publications and on the club web site for their responsible breeding practices. This should help to promote responsible breeding and also assist prospective puppy purchasers in finding a happy, healthy puppy from people who have made a commitment to follow good breeding practices.


Each member of the Breeder of Merit must be able to demonstrate that they:

  • Have been a member of the SPCGB for three or more consecutive  years. (In the case of a partnership, each person to have been a member for three or more years).

  • Have held a KC affix for two or more years.

  • Have been involved with/owned the breed for a minimum of three years.

  • Have been awarded a stud book number on a Shar Pei while in their ownership

  • Have attended a SPCGB Health seminar.

  • Health test their breeding stock prior to mating using all the tests recommended by the club ie Preliminary Health Certificate, Patella scoring and DNA testing for POAG/PLL

  • Comply fully with the SPCGB Code of Ethics and particularly with regard to age of bitches bred and age of puppies homed.

Applicants should write to the secretary to apply to join the scheme and must include proof of the SBN. If members also have health tested studs available they should state this on their application.  The decision of the committee on whether to admit anyone to the scheme is final.  

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