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Before you agree to go and see any litter, do your research.  Beware of buying puppies from internet sales sites and free ad papers.   Most people use the internet to look for puppies this is fine but do your research and check breeders are breeding within the code of ethics of the breed clubs.  Ask for recommendations and use breed clubs as sources for finding reputable breeders who will have done all the recommended health tests. Make sure you ask to  see any test results and don't rely on verbal assurances.  And be prepared to wait for the right puppy.  

Remember, non-standard colours and coats should not cost more than standards.  

Your breeder will want to ensure you are the right home for their puppy too so be prepared to be asked lots of questions about you, your family, your experience with dogs, your commitment and your lifestyle.

In addition, your breeder should:

  • Not sell you a puppy under 8 weeks of age

  • Follow Kennel Club guidelines on thee number and frequency of litters bred by them.

  • Be able to show you mum (and sometimes but not always dad).

  • Give you a copy of their pedigree

  • Sell the puppies with Kennel Club registration

  • Sell the puppies with a receipt/contract of sale that details innoculations, KC registration and any breeding restrictions as a minimum

  • Provide diet sheet and worming instructions

  • Encourage you to stay in touch and to contact them if you have any questions

  • Have microchipped the puppy

  • Have taken the puppy to the vet for a full vet check prior to sale

  • Have tested the parents for POAG/PLL and be able to provide proof of results - this may be on the KC registration

The Shar Pei Club of Great Britain requires its members to carry out the following health tests before breeding:

  • PLL/POAG DNA testing

  • Patella scoring

  • Preliminary Health Report 

Our Code of Ethics sets out the full responsibilities and standards we expect from our members.

You can expect to pay in the region of around £800 - £1,000 for a puppy from a  reputable breeder in the UK.

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