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The Committee

We currently have vacancies available on the committee.

Please contact us for more information about joining our committee.


Linda Tintle


Linda is a vet specialising in Shar Pei. She has been researching SPAID for many years and worked to bring about the SPAID linkage tests.


Ronnie Tanner

Vice President

I have owned and shown dogs most of my life and was passed to award CC's in 1988. I had my first Shar Pei 24 years ago and I served on the SPCGB for many years in a variety of roles.


Laura Denby

Secretary and Vice Chairman

I have owned Shar Pei for nearly 10 years. I show both in the UK and Europe and am currently studying for my judges exams.


Zoe Adams

Website Editor

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Mark Bragg

Membership Secretary

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Yvonne Pearson

Committee Member


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Jane Lilley



Chairman and Show Manager

Sue Butterfield

I have been owned by my Pei for over 20 years. They are for me the best pets anyone could have. My husband served on the committee for over 10 years, now its my turn to help

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Treasurer (Acting)

Barbara Jolly

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Show Team

Lee Elmer






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Events Co-ordinator 

Louise Wilson






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Cathy Elmer






If you would like to join the committee, download our application form.  Committee members are voted on at the AGM and serve a term of three years before having to stand for re-election.  We currently have vacancies on the committee. 

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