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There are a number of health tests available to Shar Pei owners and breeders.  The Shar Pei Club of Great Britain requires all members who are planning to breed their Shar Pei to carry out the Preliminary Health Report, DNA testing for POAG/PLL and patella scoring.

More information on the POAG/PLL DNA test can be found on the Animal Health Trust's website and swab kits can be purchased direct.

DNA test results are reported to the Kennel Club and published in the Breed Records Suppliment.  They an also be found by looking up a dog on the Kennel Clubs Mate Select tool.


SPAID testing is available from Upsala in Sweden and Hannover in Germany - both tests require blood samples to be sent.  It can also be purchased from Laboklin who use a less invasive swab test.



Hip and Elbow testing is not currently carried out widely across the breed resulting in insufficient data to give a clear picture of what our mean score should be.

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